Our beginnings formally date back to 1977. But our 'new' history began at the end of December 2021, when the court registered a transaction thanks to which the owner of the LESS_ brand (CountMe sp. z o.o.) and Groclin S.A. joined their forces.

Nowadays, a group of LESS_ brands operate under the name of Groclin S.A.: LESS_APP, LESS.BOX, LESS.STORE and LESS.BIKE - their common denominator is supporting a circular economy. Each of our brands is to make a positive contribution to our future, the future of our children and further generations. We promote and develop those products and services which have a positive impact on ecology.

LESS_ GROUP is a brand associated with selling and acquiring used items - clothes, toys, books - and placing them again on the subsequent market - both off-line and in an on-line shop.

In the beginning, GROCLIN was an artisanal upholstery shop, manufacturing vehicle equipment and accessories. As early as 1998, the shares of the company ran its initial public offering on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, becoming one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive industry. 


While noticing market changes and changes in customer requirements, our objective has been and still is to meet the expectations and implement new solutions customised to the present times. Thanks to the transaction with LESS_, we have taken new directions and commenced to work on innovative solutions in the context of acquiring and trading used items.

We have many times demonstrated that we are not lacking courage. We have very ambitious plans, and at the same time we focus on operational precision while building new business values. 

Solutions offered by us are to convince as many Poles as possible to function more consciously and ecologically in their everyday life. In the time of fast fashion and ever-changing trends, society forgets about the consequences of irresponsible consumerism. As humanity, we are paying a high price for this – we are devastating the Earth. Can we afford it? 

For us the response is simple, and that is why we believe that by building the conscious LESS_ Group strategy we can have a real impact on the future of our planet. We want to change the habits of society and convince everyone of the advantages of circular circuit.

Energy along with creative thinking constantly motivates us – we are determined to be the best in our domain and to develop on a continuous basis. We broaden our horizons, conquer the unknown and are hungry for experience and further successes.

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