In LESS.BOX we combine the pleasant with the useful - the user saves time, space and the planet, and we put into another circuit what others consider unnecessary. Our idea is to make it easier for the users to sell and donate their used items, by relieving them of previously most frustrating activities.

LESS.BOX wants to collect items directly from the users and then, after a quick valuation, pay them or charitable foundations specified by the users.

We use several channels to obtain items. One of them is for the users to fill in a form on the website and hand over unwanted products to the courier. Also noteworthy is an innovative model of collecting ‘LESS_ boxes’ using electric vans - ‘mobile containers’ for used items.

The idea of sustainable approach is close to our values. Therefore, we do not cease and develop further projects in the spirit of closed-circuit life. LESS.BOX is another dimension of helping the planet - we believe that it does not need any more clothes. We know that there is so much of it in the world that it is worth using.

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