The first concept of an innovative future second hand - a combination of an on-line shop with a network of off-line brick and mortar shops. We consolidate and simultaneously redefine the market of second-hand shops (and other items such as toys, books, electronics) in Poland.

A new experience for everyone who makes rational purchase decisions.

Our brick and mortar and on-line shops, in combination with the implementation of modern solutions, shall make it possible to purchase unique second-hand items and introduce the concept of circular fashion as a conscious and ecological alternative to fast fashion.

While working on the development of additional BUSINESS lines, we have acquired experts with corporate experience not only in the fashion industry or e-commerce. This has enabled us to build off-line value while constantly developing the area of new technologies. This is how the LESS.STORE project has been created, through which we want to disenchant the image of used things. By creating it, we aim to increase the ecological responsibility of society, increase sustainable consumption, but above all, to create a closed loop in the spirit of circular economy.

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