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About Groclin

We are a Polish founded company operating today in Europe and targeting to have a global presence in the future for our world class customers in the Transportation, Energy and Material handling markets. Growth throughout organic growth and acquisitions
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What we do

The Groclin Group focuses its activity on three key areas. The first comprises electrical solutions, mainly manufacture of wire harnesses for trucks, construction vehicles and busses. The second involves car seats and car seat covers. The third covers electrical solutions, including control cabinets for the railway. Our team consists of 3,300 employees, we have 9 production plants, including plants in Ukraine and Germany. We have more than 100 clients.
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Research & Development, Engineering, Industrialization, continuos improvement, OEE, ERP are just a few attributes connected with our company and organization which gives our company a leading role in the market.


our design engineers develop products for our customers in our three business units industrialization - optimized processes in our production factories across Europe

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modern ERP system supporting our organization in all processes and guaranteeing maximum customer service

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120000 m2 of production

4000 employees

30000 car seat covers sewn in 2013