C2B2C marketplace where you can sell and purchase used items, mainly clothes. Enhanced in 2020 with the www.less.app website. To date, 850,000 users have successfully signed up.

When building LESS_APP, we wanted to create a place for conscious fashion lovers. Already the first days since the release of the application resulted in success - we have become one of the leading mobile shopping platforms in App Store and Google Play.

Together we are changing the approach to shopping, giving you the opportunity to enjoy life in the spirit of minimalism. We rearrange wardrobes. We inspire change. We instil a responsible attitude towards consumption. In our opinion fashion and minimalism can go hand in hand. How is it possible? It can be illustrated by the principle that has guided us from the very beginning - ‘The less unnecessary things, the more of Your style’. Conscious shopping is a step towards sustainable consumption and applauds eco-friendly behaviour. We encourage you to look for second-hand items that shall allow you to create your own unique style and create a closed circuit with us. Enjoy life in the spirit of less waste!

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