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Apart from complete seats, Groclin also provides seat covers for automotive and aircraft industry as well as for buses and trains. Our offer includes covers of various textures made of leather or fabric. They perfectly fit the seat, they are strong and exclusive. They ensure the comfort and safety of both, the driver and passengers. We cooperate with major manufacturers of leather, poroflex (artificial leather) and textiles. Groclin Group plants are equipped with the most advanced CNC machines for cutting leather and fabrics (Lectra and Bullmar) as well as specialist sewing machines, such as automatic or semi-automatic solutions for safety features as well as numerous decorative applications( Dürkopp Adler, Juki, Mitsubishi etc.). Our team comprises experts in the field, we have been manufacturing covers since 1977.

Our seat covers can be found in such car makes as BMW, Opel, VW, Renault, Ford, Mitsubishi, Audi Volvo, Smart, Suzuki, Mercedes and Porsche. We cooperate with TIER- 1 producers, such as Faurecia, Johnson Controls, Lear Corporation, Sitech, Magna, Recaro, Keiper and others.

If you are interested in our product, we encourage you to contact us:

Groclin S.A. Poland- Barbara Sikorska;

Groclin SedisTec GmbH, Germany- Ulf Schlenker;

Further details available in the Contact section.