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The main objective of the Groclin SA is the development, design, production and delivery of products upholstery and cable harnesses with high utility values that are environmentally friendly and meet the requirements and needs of our customers. Customer satisfaction should result in the achievement of a strong and stable position in the international automotive market and the increase in the value of the Groclin Group.
All employees Groclin SA always act in a way responsible for the quality and the environment in order to increase customer satisfaction and improve the effect of ensuring environmental activities, as well as to avoid contamination of the environment and sustainable reduction of negative environmental impact.
We want Groclin S.A. to be associated to us and our customers with confidence, professionalism in planning and executing contracts and professional service at every step of our business activities.
Those main objectives we are achieving through:
• systematic approach to quality and environment taking into consideration continuous improvement of Integrated Management System based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO / TS 16949, and methods in the context of the processes necessary for the execution of orders of our customers.
• care for the environment in accordance with legal requirements and environmental conditions, use of materials, environmentally friendly technologies
• rational use of natural resources: energy, fuel, pollution prevention and waste reduction, the removal of the causes of threats and violations of the environment
• supporting regional activities to protect the environment
• identify the requirements and expectations of customers, strengthen relationships with them and monitoring their level of satisfaction
• meet the requirements of the customer and applicable regulatory requirements for delivered products, taking into account the requirements in relation to the confidentiality of information sent by the client at all stages of the contract
• setting and monitoring targets for quality and environmental processes in the company
• collaborative problem solving of internal and external problems, analyzing the causes of failure to take action related to the continuous improvement of methods and processes. Rasing the effectiveness and efficiency of production processes.
• Care and attention to the qualifications of the crew and to create optimal working conditions, taking into account the impact and scale of the environmental footprint.
• Cooperation with suppliers and common goal to meet the requirements of our clients.
• implementation of innovative manufacturing technologies, to optimize manufacturing costs and minimize the impact of production processes on the environment
• concern for the interests of shareholders, creditors and employees through the implementation of corporate governance principles.
The Board is committed to meet the requirements of international standard ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 14001 and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our company’s quality and environment management system.