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KTP will join the PKC Group

Dear All,

the last two years have been very challenging and the company was going through many changes.

In 2013 Groclin took over Kabel-Technik-Polska, followed by two years of integration, changes in the management and organization and strong growth in revenues. These changes have cost a lot of money, which are visible in our not satisfying operational results and in our debt situation. Anyway we have made huge progress in optimizing our cost structure and securing business for the coming years.

With regard to the mentioned points above and with offering KTP a global growth opportunity the board of Groclin S. A. has decided to accept the offer from PKC Group in Helsinki, Finland. Yesterday our CEO, André Gerstner, has signed a contract under which Business Unit Wiring & Controls will join the PKC Group.  At the time of the closing, Kabel-Technik-Polska Sp. z o. o. (‘KTP’) operating in Poland, will own the entire Wiring & Controls business of Groclin S.A. Group.

The closing is subject to common conditions including merger control filings. The closing is targeted by the 30th of June 2015, and Wiring & Controls business will be consolidated to PKC Group as of the date of closing the deal.

Joining the PKC Group opens new possibilities for KTP and its customers.

The global PKC production footprint combined with the leading know how in the business allows KTP to serve customers in the near future in North and South America, in China, in Russia and in South Europe.

The net debt free purchase price is 50 Mio. €. Groclin S. A. will become a net debt free company and will be able to continue to invest into its core business, seats for the automotive industry. After the closing of the deal the management of Groclin S. A. will present its strategy for the coming years in order to continue to develop the Groclin Group.

We would like to express the special thanks to the law firm Głowacki Sieklicki Chilarski sp.k. ( for the strong support and cooperation during this transaction.

Further information:

André Gerstner, CEO Groclin S.A.

Tel: +48 61 4436 114





Groclin S.A. historically is known as one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of seat covers and car accessories. From 21 June, 2013 when Kabel-Technik-Polska Sp. z o.o. was acquired in a reverse takeover transaction, Groclin Group offers also wire harnesses and electrical cabinets. Groclin Group delivers now its products to customers operating in the energy, transportation, construction, automotive and telecommunication industries.